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Take a look at an original Hush Puppy mascot, dog portraits, and one “naughty cat” bronze. Vintage San Francisco Minneapolis, Mn – Hour Three Minneapolis, Mn – Hour Two Minneapolis, Mn – Hour One Atlanta, Ga – Hour Three Atlanta, Ga – Hour Two Atlanta, Ga – Hour One El Paso, Tx – Hour Three El Paso, Tx – Hour Two

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Worth the Trip Posted 3. Before I stopped my truck, I saw what I wanted. The kids said I was crazy. There was a small version of a washstand sort-of-thing.

Escada offers customizable options such as choosing carat gold or silver rivets, diamond buttons, and of course, additional Swaorvski crystals. Steiff Louis Vuitton teddy bear The book: Bay Psalm Book, dating from the year and credited with being .

Source Famous for their “Knopf im Ohr” or “Button in Ear,” Steiff bears and animals have been collected around the world for over years. Started in , the Margarete Steiff Toy Company has prided itself on making high quality stuffed toys for children of all ages. Their collection is made up of every animal imaginable, cartoon characters, pull toys and a myriad of other collectibles. Not bad for a child’s toy. Most Steiff animals are fairly easy to identify; however, it gets harder as the pieces age since they tend to lose some of their identifiers.

Many older pieces are missing the iconic “button in ear” because parents took them out as a safeguard for their children. The paper chest tags disappear quite easily too. If you have some old stuffed animals or toys packed up and are not sure if they are Steiff or not, there are three different identifiers that can help you figure it out.

Check the ear or another part of the body if the animal has no ear for a small hole.

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The dogs imported in and plus Esenjo are registered with the American Kennel Club. Learn more about these dogs who became Foundation Stock and their offspring and all other Basenji foundation by visiting the Basenji Club of America’s website section for the African Stock Project. This collage shows all the Foundation Stock registered in

This entry was posted in Steiff bears and tagged Steiff, Steiff bears, steiff toys on March 15, by lensrc. Steiff Teddy Bears as More Than Just Toys Steiff teddy bears are renowned as the very first of its kind. was the year the world saw the first of these cuddly wonders and they’ve charmed the hearts of young and old alike ever since.

I follow an artist’s blog because I think she’s funny as hell. Recently she paid for and received a one of a kind plush that another artist made for her from a popular video game. The gal I follow agrees with her, saying that it’s normal to expect high prices for handmade, custom stuff. And in wanders some mealy-mouthed commenter that proceeds to go into a long-winded explanation of why the original artist and frankly, every plush or doll artist should know that their product must be cheaper because Say it with me?

This yahoo goes on to say shit like “Remember, you are making stuffed animals. These are toys, and children are your consumers. A child is going to love it anyways. No child cares about the materials. The whole thing just makes my head spin. Adults can enjoy fun stuff too! How joyless is your life if THAT is your outlook? It’s not always about kids, dude! I looked up the weirdo that said all this stuff, and they appear to be a right-wing conservative pseudo-intellectual who supports Trump and has a shitty sense of humor.

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I am now honored to reach out to the collectors and owners of unidentified bears, stuffed animals and vintage toys. Ken did this for years and was an expert appraiser. I was his understudy or apprentice and together we viewed and enjoyed each and every request that came our way. Appraising bears online will be a fun adventure for all of us. We will share our discoveries here on this web page.

Find great deals on eBay for Antique Teddy Bear Buttons in Antique Sewing Buttons. Rare to find antique British Chad Valley early pre-button and pre-label design teddy bear, dating from ANTIQUE STEIFF TEDDY BEAR Shoe Button Eyes Soulful Face Long FF Button. $ Buy It Now. 31 watching; 12” Early ANTIQUE STEIFF TEDDY.

French, circa , with original body deposed by Clement in ; Clement, a shoemaker by trade, deposed a method for molding hollow leather doll bodies just as one might mold a shoe on a form. The body that he designed was exquisite, but perhaps due to their luxury nature, few were ever made. The Provenance of Victoria and Her Trousseau The original property of the family of Lady Alexander of Gatefield House, Faversham, Kent in England, the doll and her remarkable and all-original trousseau had been preserved by the family from until the time of the Second World War, about At that time, Lady Hamilton, who worked diligently to raise funds for the Red Cross humanitarian efforts aiding prisoners of war, determined to offer the doll and her trousseau as a prize in a fund-raising raffle.

The doll was placed in a shop window of Preston Street in Faversham and more than raffle tickets were sold. A copy of the original raffle advertisement is included. The doll was won by Great Aunt Annie, of the town, who kept the doll for nearly half a century, finally passing it along to her great niece who named the doll Victoria in honor of the British queen. The doll and her trousseau were placed in auction in , acquired by the Spielzeugmuseum Davos where she has reigned flawlessly until this time.


Dressing up can be fun, but I am unsure how to start making myself bee-proof and know I might forget a vital item and leave a hole for the bees to invade my space. So first, should I put on the gear? I can nip inside the house, out of the wind, to light the smoker and use the steps to pull on the suit and wellies. Smoker stinks of previous fires and I have not curled up enough corrugated paper to get it all alight – smoke pours out into the hall and into my hair while I struggle with broken matches and shaky hands.

A stuffed toy Basenji by the outstanding German toy company “Steiff” is new on the market. Ulla Clemens-Pesch worked with the company to make this possible. Ulla Clemens-Pesch worked with the company to make this possible.

Stuffed toy — A stuffed toy is a toy sewn from a textile, and stuffed with a soft material. In North American English they are referred to as plush toys, plushies, snuggies, stuffies. Textiles commonly used include plain cloth and pile textiles like plush or terrycloth, common stuffing materials are synthetic fiber batting, cotton, straw, wood wool, plastic pellets or beans. Stuffed toys are made in different forms, often resembling animals, legendary creatures.

They are often used as objects, for display or collecting and given as gifts, such as for graduation. The first commercial concern to create stuffed toys was the German Steiff company in , Steiff used new technology developed for upholstery to make their stuffed toys. In , the Ithaca Kitty became one of the first mass-produced stuffed animal toys in the United States, in Richard Steiff designed a soft bear that differed from earlier traditional rag dolls, because it was made of plush furlike fabric.

At the same time in the USA, Morris Michtom created the first teddy bear, the character Peter Rabbit from English author Beatrix Potter was the first stuffed toy to be patented, in Sock monkeys are a type of handmade stuffed monkey made out of socks that first appeared in the US during the Great Depression, amigurumi is a Japanese type of handcrafted knitted or crocheted stuffed toys.

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Contact Author I recently purchased 10 pounds of vintage buttons. The seller said they were old but I didn’t realize just how old they were. There were many yellow and brown toned buttons that I am pretty sure used to be white. There were buttons ripped off of old clothes, and the small ripped pieces of fabric definitely looked to be from decades past.

The unique stories people tell about their favorite heirlooms and yard-sale bargains are one of the best parts of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, and “Your Stories” gives you the chance to share your own.

The contents range from alphabet blocks, construction sets, and teddy bears to airplanes, trains, mechanical banks, and more. Individually and collectively, they reflect the events, trends, and cultural values of the various times from which they sprang. Those noted below represent some of the most popular and historically significant groupings in the collections. The simplest aviation toys replicated the earliest planes.

Others, sold as kits, encouraged kids to build and fly their own models. Parents and child experts alike favor them because playing with them helps children develop hand-eye coordination, creativity, and the ability to experiment. In the late 19th century, toy makers devised ways of sawing blocks in quantity and embossing the wood with letters, numbers, and figures in low relief.

By the early s, manufacturers produced brightly colored chromolithograph images on paper-covered blocks. The Progressives and educators of the early 20th century promoted alphabet and building blocks as toys that gave toddlers nicely-sized objects to manipulate and, in the case of alphabet blocks especially, also placed the building blocks of reading before children early in their development. Those, along with taxicabs, tractor trailers, dump trucks, and other conveyances, replicated the variety of real-life vehicles on city streets.

In fact, manufacturers boasted that their toys had educational value because boys could pretend to drive cars and trucks that looked like those of their fathers.

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Where did Lobster Fra Diavolo originate? Like many popular Italian-American dishes, there are several theories. What is the true evolution of Lobster Fra Diavolo? Our survey of historic recipes suggests it might have been a complicated mix of Italian ingenuity inspired by French fare demanded by American customers. Traditional Italian “diavolo” recipes employ chicken but not tomatoes.

Topshop Ladies grey Cotton ALine Tunic Dress Top with raglan and buttons – Manchester, Hilarious Classified Ads – Dating and Relationships Gone Wrong! Well, it has never been easy to date or be in a relationship. Steiff bear VINTAGE – Surbiton, United Kingdom. #steiff bear vintage.

Welcome to My Red Cape. Long ago in another time my husband Jack and I lived in a little old red house. It was the stuff of dreams to us for the few years that we were there. I live there still a number of hours every day in imagination, with old dolls and paintings and fabrics and feather trees. I draw inspiration and happiness from the memories of that space in time and share some of it here with friends who remember how to step with Alice through the looking glass and take delight in whimsies and antiquities.

For more than sixty years I have studied, collected, repaired, and bought and sold antique dolls. They have been back ground music in my life at every stage, sometimes louder, sometimes subdued, but always there with me. I am happy at it. I truly love paint and the application of it.

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Dairy cows were introduced to by English settlers in the early s. Meat cows were introduced by Spanish settlers. Cattle were kept primarily for dairy production and were slaughtered and eaten only when they could no longer be maintained through the winter.

Four Ways to Get a Free, Local Appraisal Attend Appraisal Day at a Local Auction House. Many auction houses regularly host free appraisal days, during which community members can bring in their treasures.

Confined to a wheelchair since the age of two, due to polio, she became popular with the children of Giengen, her hometown in Germany, with her happy stories. She owned the first sewing machine in the town, and using the skills she learnt as a dressmaker, first produced a felt elephant in Her popularity soon extended across southern Germany. The success of her enterprise attracted toy buyers from around the world. She had a good business sense and increased production to meet the ever-growing orders.

Demand necessitated that she open her first factory in , known as the Felt Toy Factory. She made sure it was well-lit and airy. Notably, it had glass walls, so that workers could see the nearby hills as they worked! Three of her nephews acted as managing directors, and were also astute businessmen. From to , the business continued to grow at a steady rate. In another nephew, Richard, joined the firm, who had finished art studies in England and Germany.

He chose to study and sketch the brown bear cubs in Stuttgart Zoo.

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But even as adults aka kids at heart, these cuddy wonders still mean a lot. Apart from being roundabout huggable, they can be sentimental too. I mean how cool would it be to pass them down to your kids, right?

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Sunday, December 14, Doll-A-Day Check out Mommy And Me Dolls’ blog. I don’t think astrid has one, but correct me if I’m wrong astrid. Thanks for joining us guys. Today’s doll is two dolls again: These two rag dolls named Violet Pickles and Ruby Buttons. Ruby and Violet are dolls based on characters from the “Ivy Cottage” series of books by E. The dolls have totally soft floppy bodies, and are made of cozy soft fabric, with vinyl heads. Their clothes are removeble. Ruby comes with his pet mouse and Violet comes with her teddy bear.

Teddy Bear by Frank Luther (vintage teddy bears)