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Should have bought this long ago Use 5 pedals including a wah. No more 9V batteries. Only problem was the daisy-chain Read complete review Use 5 pedals including a wah. Only problem was the daisy-chain power supply has all female jacks. Check pedals before purchase to determine proper power jack requirements. I have owned this pedal board for a little under a year now the shell is sturdy enough but I have already broken a

Signal Chain and Effects Loop?

Not quite the total package All-in-all this pedal is good. I’m playing through a mesa boogie roadking 2×12 dual rectifier. Read complete review All-in-all this pedal is good. I also use a ts-9dx to boost my signal and throw a little extra grit on it.

In continuous production since , the BOSS NS-2 is a best-selling staple of BOSS pedals. Used by everyone from bedroom players to international touring bands like Metallica, Slipknot, U2 and The Dillinger Escape Plan among many others, the BOSS NS-2 is an industry standard in noise suppression.

As we talked about in part one of this feature noise can be caused by many things and most commonly from outside interference. Make sure your guitar, cables, pedals and amp has a clear path to ground and are properly shielded. See part one for further troubleshooting. Loud low frequency hum that comes and goes when you move around. Static noise or inconsistent crackling.

The source might also be inside your guitar, pedal or amp. Consistent hiss or vague oscillation sounds. Some noise and hiss is normal since any part of your rig is basically an obstacle and will colour and drain the signal.

How to use a Boss NS-2 Noise Gate

The Boss RC Loop Station offers 3 hours of recording, built-in effects, and two synchronized stereo tracks. Slight lag when shifting between phrases in real time Update: This issue has been fixed by a firmware update. Memory Improvements First of the improvements, the Boss RC Loop Station allows you to record up to 3 hours of music direct to its internal memory.

In contrast, the RC XL only allowed 16 minutes of recording.

May 28,  · I was thinking about buying a Boss NS-2 to kill some noise I get when using my Rat Tail at higher volumes but I had a couple of questions about the Boss NS Basically I was just wondering if there was a way to hook up the Boss NS-2 without using the send and return jacks.

Every musician, audio engineer or live sound mixer is familiar with it. That horrible, unwanted and mood-destroying hiss or screech that always seems to happen at the worst possible times. It can be present as high-pitched, nasal and mid-ranged, low and humming or via a heap of other ways. Some of that stuff is great. Noise in the guitar world is usually the result of electromagnetic interference EMI which is all around us in the modern world.

This EMI interacts with many guitar cables, pickups, amplifiers and other electronic equipment and when fed into a guitar amplifier particularly amps with high preamp gain , can produce a lot of unwanted noise. Sometimes noise can even stem from maintenance issues such as cables, dirty pots and jacks on pedals and other gear, damaged amplifiers, poorly wound and installed pickups or other guitar electronics to name but a few common causes. As every player and their setup is different, noise can come from many different sources.

The best way to avoid noise is to use quality equipment, look after it and have it serviced. Simply put, you know when noise is present and you definitely want it gone.

Noise troubleshooting (part 2)

Generally, the more effects within the chain or the more any one effect alters the instrument’s sound, the greater the chance of unwanted noise in the final mix. The NS-2 helps eliminate that problem. Different than most Boss pedals, it has send and return jacks as well as the standard input and output jacks. This means setup using multiple effects units can be different than a typical pedal configuration, pay close attention when you hook up a Boss NS-2 noise supressor the first time.

The Effects Chain Set up your effects chain in its usual configuration. Remove any delay and reverb pedals from the effects chain.

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor. The NS-2 can be connected in two different ways. You can connect the NS-2 last in your chain of effects. The output of the previous pedal goes to the NS-2 input jack.

One has a Peterson Strobostomp placed first in line in true bypass mode, with overdrive and boost placed within the NS-2’s ‘loop’. The other has the NS-2 placed first, with gain-additive compression, OD, and boost within the loop, followed by a BOSS TU-2 tuner; I’ve settled on this routing scheme for interactive reasons – mostly, the buffer on the TU-2 does indeed play better to these ears as placed after gainers it’s subtle, but you’ll definitely hear the difference if you play loud tube amps on the bandstand on a regular basis.

If you route in this manner, use the NS-2 as your ‘mute’, as opposed to that of the TU While I’ve no experience with it, the ISP Decimator is designed to be configured last or late in the signal path. The beauty of the NS-2 for me is in fact the loop basic send and return ; what this means is that I can insert only the obnoxious gain-additive stomps within the loop, while time-based delay and modulation boxes do not pass through noise suppression circuitry It’s been about ten years now that I’ve gigged electric guitar with an NS-2 in line.

How folks can choose noiseless “single coils”, over this box plus the true singles of their choice, is absolutely beyond me.

Noise troubleshooting (part 2)

At one point it just got too much for me and I decided to buy a noise gate. When it came to choosing a noise gate, at the time it was not very difficult. The only ones my local guitar store carried were the Boss NS-2 and the Rocktron Hush rack noise gate. As this article describes, it turned out to actually be the best option, as the Boss pedal has a feature that can make it much more efficient. More about that later. A few words about the noise and where it comes from Basically, noise can come from all sources in your signal chain, including, but not limited to, your guitar, your effects and your amp.

Mar 30,  · I just got a Boss NS-2 and I am confused as to where to place it in the chain. I had always thought noise suppressors should go last in the chain so they could detect noise from all the pedals. However the instructions for the NS-2 say to put it right after the guitar and before the tuner.


Chain Placement for Boss NS-2?


Mar 10,  · my setup is as follows. gsystem engl e Preamp Mesa Poweramp Ebtech Hum Eliminator. everything is good but its too damn noisy Im trying to hook up the ns2 to the gsystem.


How to connect Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor correctly