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Velox was the first commercially successful photographic paper. He soon set up his own company to manufacture his invention, Velox, a photographic paper that could be developed under artificial light. Surfaces were in Great Britain: Prior to Velox had its own numbering system, after that date Kodak standard designations were used. Velox was first produced by the Nepera Chemical Co. Solio was available in a tinted base – pink, mauve – as well as white and with glossy, matt and velvet surfaces. A self-toning Solio and a version for use in the tropics – No.

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Feb 10,  · Having a basic knowledge of paper is important for collectors and dealers. Many fakes and reprints are identified as the paper is too modern or the wrong type for the print to be an original. This following a brief look at some important types of paper .

When World War I ended at the end of , the rate was lowered to its prewar level of one cent. The postal rate was raised briefly from 1 cent to 2 cents in and in ; the conclusive raise to 2 cents was in Commission Rate Board overestimated revenue needs in and was forced to reduce the postage rate in These were illustrations on government-printed postal cards and on privately printed souvenir cards. Messages were not permitted on the address side of the cards; after attempting various forms of explaining that regulation, the U.

The required postage was a 1-cent adhesive stamp.

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A paper with slight surface texture made by pressing the finished paper between cold cylinders. In between rough and hot pressed papers. A physically raised or depressed design in the paper. A super smooth, semi-transparent paper that is often used to make the envelopes that hold stamps Hand made Paper:

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Azo from the mid 50s seemed to be a little faster — a 5 second exposure and 1 minute developing time sufficed. Kodak Athena, Type — Contact printing paper with pleasing warmth of tone. Kodabromide — A fast enlarging paper of exceptional quality. Kodak D or D or, as my pack of paper says, use Dektol of cold tones, or Selectol for warm tones. Kodabrom — I believe this is just an earlier version of Kodabromide. The pack I have dates from The box I have dates from the mid s.

Kodak Dektol, D , or Ektaflo, Type 1. Kodak Opal — Has warmth of tone and gradation. It has sufficient speed for enlarging with standard equipment, and can be used for contact printing with reduced illumination.

Kodak paper dating

Early s gelatin silver real photo postcard. Exhibits the steely yet subtle tones common to gelatin silver prints. The bottom has light silvering that helps establish that photograph as vintage.

Dating kodak photo paper knowledge and study of the different brandings is useful dating kodak photo paper in dating photo the back of when was kodak velox paper used the photo has the three line printing date printed on photos ‘kodak velox paper,’.

He had a bookcase full of old Kodak paper boxes in which he stored his negatives, some of which had both codes printed on the labels. Kodak VELOX paper was a very slow printing paper, producing a blue-black image, suitable for contact printing only, where the negative is placed in contact with the paper to produce a print of the same size. Kodak discontinued the manufacture of Velox paper in They could also be used for contact printing.

Bromide paper gave a neutral black image. Bromesko produced a warm-black image. The paper was also made on White and Ivory a yellowish white bases. Both Bromide and Bromesko papers were replaced by other enlarging papers, some with resin-coated bases, by

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Crossing the Irish Sea by the ‘Short Sea route’. One of the shortest crossings between Mainland Britain and Ireland is that between Portpatrick and Donaghadee. This is about 22 miles and the settlement of Scots in Ulster created traffic. The main traffic was not mail, but cattle on the hoof. John Smeaton improved the harbour at Portpatrick.

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They were designed and printed on the backs to be mailed, often having handwritten letters, addresses and postage stamps on the back. Real photo postcards with baseball subjects are popularly collected by vintage baseball card and memorabilia collectors, and prime examples of famous players and teams can fetch big bucks at auction.

Vintage real photo postcards, including of non-sport subjects, is a major collecting area all around the world. The factory made real photo postcard photopaper that happened to be a convenient size for such purposes. These family photos and snapshots will show standard family poses, including little Jimmy in his school uniform, the family picnicking or a wedding reception.

Many vintage real photo postcards are family photos Some real photo postcards were used for advertising or sold to the public at stores and are equivalent to trading cards— and, thus, actively collected by trading card collectors. Many of these show celebrities such as movie stars, sports stars and politicians. Some famous sports photographers sold real photo postcards. In the United States real photo postcards originated in The American design of postcards was regulated by United States law and can be dated in general by the text and designs.

Below is a brief description of the vintage designs.

Be a Photo Detective: Tricks to Dating Your Family Snapshots

Events do not unfold as a series of pivotal moments strung together, but rather as part of a great dance where all things are interconnected. There were many divergent influences that affected the design and output of postcards. At times our government changed postal rules to aid this fledgling industry, while at others it passed regulations without any regard to possible negative consequences.

Many different art movements and advertising trends affected its imagery. Changing economic climates steered its successes and failures. Worldwide events often brought about sudden and unexpected changes.

One way that MIGHT be able to help with dating photos is a set of negatives (and possibly prints) or slides that have a date and time printed in the image area by the camera. Some point-and-shoot cameras, and definitely some SLRs dating back to the early s had the ability to print the date, the time, or both date and time, onto the film.

Guide to Real Photo Postcards This guide is meant to aid the collector in identifying and dating real photo postcards, and to act as a reminder that it is impossible to do so with great accuracy. Although real photo postcards were made in a variety of ways, they hold one identifiable feature in common. The tonalities of photos are completely continuous to the eye producing true greys, for they are created by the reaction of individual photosensitive molecules to light rather than the transfer of ink from a plate.

In printed images the grey areas are usually made up of black marks that are spaced to create the optical illusion of greys. Though most of us today are familiar with the concept of photo grain, this is mostly because we have experienced very large prints made from small 35mm negatives. But even here the effect is more of a softening of detail than a observable texture. Early real photo postcards are small by their very nature and since most were contact printed, not enlarged, there is no visible texture.

Collotypes, which provide the finest detail of all printing methods are sometimes confused with real photo postcards. But even collotypes will exhibit a discernible grain when magnified. And of course any image that contain a regularly patterned series of dots is not a photograph at all but a ink printed image.

Kodak Velox Rapid Paper 1951 – Time Travel in the Darkroom

Today, most pterosaur researchers agree that pterosaurs were quadrupedal, thanks largely to the discovery of pterosaur trackways. Diet[ edit ] The diet of Pteranodon is known to have included fish ; fossilized fish bones have been found in the stomach area of one Pteranodon, and a fossilized fish bolus has been found between the jaws of another Pteranodon, specimen AMNH Numerous other specimens also preserve fragments of fish scales and vertebrae near the torso, indicating that fish made up a majority of the diet of Pteranodon though they may also have taken invertebrates.

However, this was probably based on the assumption that the animals could not take off from the water surface.

Students will demonstrate a writing style appropriate for communicating scientific results to a diverse audience. These class notes were uploaded by an elite notetaker Alexis Rousek at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo on Apr 10 and has been viewed Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology BIOL Biology Winter week 14 Amy Howes.

Ektacolor Paper Backprint Chronology Several physical clues point to a date of the s for this photo — the deckled scalloped edges, the Kodak Velox paper and the fact that it came bound in a small spiral-bound book from the developer hanging chad on the side. Slides will also have a date stamped on the paper or plastic mount. But remember that this is the developing date, not the date the photo was taken.

Date stamps on slides vary by date, film type, and developer. If your photos are in the original developing envelope, check it for dates. This will give you a time when the photo was developed. It may even have an address or phone number of your family member on it which could aid your search. For professional photographs, research the photographer to find out when they were active.

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Iron Salt Prints – it was not mass marketed until the ’s, cOLOR PAPER Edmond Becquerel made the first color print in but there was real photo postcard dating way to fix the image onto paper .

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