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Wrestling is a popular sport that dates back many thousands of years. When the sport was first introduced years ago it was performed mostly to ensure good harvests. Sumo wrestling’s popularity quickly spread, becoming a more public and widespread event. Matches were usually brutal, the loser often expected to forfeit his life. By the 7th century Sumo had fallen under the protection of the warring Shogunite regime and was largely banned as a public spectacle. Only the samurai, or warrior class, were allowed to practice it as part of their military training. Once peace was finally restored Sumo once again fell under the backing of the Japanese royal courts and was dubbed the Imperial sport. By the 15th century Sumo wrestling had adopted a set of strict rules and the most talented champions were offered aid by powerful feudal lords.

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How to go from Fukuoka to Kumamoto? Also visit and climb up inside the 62 m tall Buddha cradling a 13 m baby, at Naritasan Temple. Head east from here to the hills outside Yame town to discover some of the largest tea gardens in Japan as well as numerous burial mounds dating back to the 4th-7th centuries, dotted around the area.

See also Renge-in Tanjo-ji, a Buddhist temple with one of the largest Peace Bells in the world and a beautiful, modern 5-story pagoda nearby. Unfortunately the original building was burnt in battle at the end of the 19th century and this is a modern replica. There are great walls and moats that give you a sense of the time and energy it tookto build this castle and even an underground passage to nearby buildings.

What is sumo wrestling? Wrestling is a popular sport that dates back many thousands of years. Sumo wrestling is not only the oldest of Japan’s various martial arts, it .

Spread across 3, acres, it’s also one of the city’s largest, and is particularly popular with students wanting to pass exams, often seen purchasing small wooden prayer tablets to deposit at the shrine. The most important of its many structures is the Honden, or main shrine, originating from AD and replaced many times through the centuries, with the current structure dating from The site is also notable for its numerous smaller shrines along with the Treasury where many of its most important relics are kept.

Also of note are its attractive gardens, ponds, and bridges, as well as its more than 6, plum trees. Fukuoka boasts a number of large public parks worth exploring. Taking its name from the large man-made lake around which it’s centered – once the moat of Fukuoka Castle – this magnificent water park was established in and is a delight to explore.

Highlights include a trail that circles the lake, lovely traditional Japanese gardens, beautiful cherry blossoms each spring, along with a number of bridges and promenades leading over the water to quaint islands, a particular treat at night when these walkways and the park’s many pagodas and pavilions are lit up try to plan your visit for the spectacular fireworks displays held in August.

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Nearby is Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome, home of the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks baseball team. Spread throughout the city are temples and shrines dating as far back as the 1st century. Among the most important are Hakozaki Shrine, Kushida Shrine, Shofukuji Temple and Tochoji Temple.

Fukuoka Tower This meter high structure covered with 8, two way mirrors is the tallest seaside tower in Japan. The degree panoramic view of the city and Hakata Bay from the observation room at a height of meters is breathtaking. This Ohori Park, rich in greenery and encircling a lake two kilometers in circumference, is now an oasis for city residents who enjoy boating, bird watching and other activities.

Ruins of Fukuoka Castle Nagamasa Kuroda started work on the castle in and the construction continued seven years. The ruins of what is also known as Maizuru Castle are now a public park and a well-known destination for cherry and Japanese plum blossom viewing. Korokan Historical Museum Korokan was an official guest house established in the heian period and served as a center for international exchanges. A replica of the lodging house and excavated china are among exhibits at this museum.

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Also see their Suijin Database Listing. Above illustration courtesy of Kawasaki City Museum. Above two photos were scanned from the English book entitled by Michael Dylan Foster. Kappa are Japanese flesh-eating water imps who live in rivers, lakes, ponds, and other watery realms.

One of Japan’s largest cities, Fukuoka is the administrative, economic, and cultural center of the southernmost island of Kyushu and is one of the country’s most progressive cities. Located in Hakata Bay, Fukuoka is divided in two by the River Naka, with Hakata, the older eastern part of the city.

Hakata, the port and merchant city, and Fukuoka, the former castle town. Nearby, there is the century-old Lutheran church, red brick and wooded inside. Hand made figurine, Hakatamachiya Figurine painting, Hakatamachiya Hakatamachiya, a Folk Museum in restored houses shows exhibitions and craftsmen of yesteryear, and even a loom Jacquard from the French city of Lyon. Weaving loom Jacquard, Hakatamachiya Typical craftsman and merchant house, Hakatamachiya Lors du traditional Gion Yamakasa Matsuri, des chars sont construits en double format: Topics range from classic Japanese mythology to the universe of Star Wars.

On the one hand, the Augustinians who receive me at the Catholic Sasaoka Parish: Father Michael Hilden whom I had already met 10 years ago in Nagasaki. Dazaifu, the ancient capital of the Heian period, Dazaifutenmangu, spiritual high place, lunch in a traditional inn and the fantastic Kyushu National Museum with an exhibition on exchanges between Japan and foreign countries through the millennia.

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At the beginning of the occupation of Japan , in , many U. Other controversial incidents include helicopter crashes, the Girard incident , the Michael Brown Okinawa assault incident , the death of Kinjo family and the death of Yuki Uema. In February , a year-old U. Marine based on Okinawa was arrested in connection with the reported rape of a year-old Okinawan girl.

Clyde “Drew” Gunn, a U. Army soldier stationed at Torii Station was involved in a hit-and-run accident of a pedestrian in Yomitan Village on Okinawa.

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Enjoy a quintessential Japanese experience here with luxurious tatami-floored rooms, breathtaking scenery, and indulge in relaxing hot springs. Please arrange flights departing from KIX after Our West Japan tour has come to an end. Situated along the coast of the Sea of Japan, this old castle town is also known for its Hagiyaki pottery. Hagi-yaki pottery is considered one of the finest in Japan and is highly regarded as the preferred tea ware for tea ceremonies.

The Akiyoshido cave boasts the highest concentration of karst formation in the Akiyoshidai plateau. Stretching across 10 kilometers, the Akiyoshido cave took over , years to form. Currently, only one kilometer is open to the public. Guests can expect to see breathtaking limestone pools, underground waterfalls, and spectacular natural rock formations. Built in , this Buddhist temple showcases the beauty of Ouchi culture and is one of the oldest five-tiered pagodas in Japan.

Wander through the surrounding manicured gardens, see the reflection of the pagoda in the pond, feel the serenity amongst the cherry and maple trees. The beauty of this hidden gem is dazzling. For more than a century, the restaurant served as a place for business, politics, and pleasure.

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Culminating July 15, the celebration draws a million spectators rooting for men in loincloths and split-toe boots as they run through city streets with one-ton floats balanced on their shoulders. The 5k race ends at Kushida-jinja, an 8th-century Shinto shrine. In a sea of mediocre business hotels and bougie mega-chains, the room boutique hotel, With the Style , makes for a luxe home base.

Whopping square-foot double suites have skylit bathtubs, private terraces, and bubbly in the mini fridge. There is a steakhouse on site, but you probably want to eat out. Fukuoka is the birthplace of tonkotsu ramen, defined by its rich, creamy, and sometimes pungent pork-bone broth.

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Oldest Zen temple of Japan in Shofokuji — Hakata In Hakata, an entire district protected by walls, Shofukuji, includes several Buddhist monasteries, including the oldest Zen temple of Japan. It is seen as a religious visit, so in return for the entrance fee everyone receives a candle and incense sticks with instructions on how to light them and where to place them as offerings.

There are also excavations and a partial reconstruction of the Korokan, a diplomatic reception hall for the delegations of Korea and China, dating from the Heian period. Nishijin Church — Fukuoka Before leaving the city and continue the pilgrim road again, I stop of course at the Nishijin Church. It is dedicated to Saint Paul Miki, one of the 26 martyrs. There is his statue and a reliquary integrated into the altar.

Kotokuji Temple — Nishi-ku Haven of peace, Kotokuji Temple — Nishi-kun In the suburbs, the temple Kotokuji whose garden is a haven of peace for another stopover. Wall against Mongol invasions, Ikinomatsubara — Nishi Ward Then, a pine forest hides the sea and… the last wall for today: