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Why do my feet smell? Foot odour explained, plus cheap and effective ways to combat stinky feet. Yet the trick to beating the pong could be lurking in your kitchen cupboard, writes Brian Johnston. The main cause of smelly feet is sweat which, although it has no odour in itself, creates an environment for bacterial growth. The soles and areas between the toes smell more because bacteria thrive here on dead skin. What’s good for feet is anything bad for bacteria, which enjoy warm, moist environments.

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My boyfriend has smelly feet and it’s driving me crazy, what should I do?

Causes, remedies and cures Smelly feet: Causes, remedies and cures Do people hold their noses when you kick off your shoes? Has the family dog fallen in love with your trainers? There are plenty of solutions that keep your feet from smelling foul—such as changing your socks at least twice a day and using antiperspirant on your washed feet.

What causes smelly feet?

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Did you know that extreme perspiration can emit a foul odor? This occurs because bacterial elements thrive on our sweat and release an acidic byproduct that causes an unpleasant smell. The good news is that there are several measures that can be adopted for lowering the bacteria count by ensuring the feet have a drier environment. Men will find it useful to refer to the following tips for keeping their free from distasteful smells.

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Find below some effective tips to tackle smelly feet. Scrub your feet Rubbing your feet with soap and water while you shower may be something you do every day but this is not a solution to bacteria feeding off dead skin cell on feet and causing unpleasant odor. Use an abrasive medium like brush or washcloth and scrub feet. Dry feet Any kind of moisture or wetness in feet can contribute to growing bacteria and bad odor.

Make sure your feet are dry every time you step out of water. Wetness can also cause itchiness and other fungal infections besides the problem of smelly feet.


For some people it occurs all year long, for others just with certain shows, and for some lucky few, never. If you deal with the struggle of flats and stinky feet, rest assured that many feel your pain. Want to know the secrets? Here are 10 tips on getting rid of smelly feet. The thing that I’ve found that works wonders is: It really does work as prevention of smelly feet!

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By Jane Frances Women are often surprised when their feet begin to smell like a ripe camembert when they are pregnant. Triggered by the shift in hormones, it’s not uncommon for feet to begin to sweat and secrete odor starting as early as the first trimester. After you recover from the initial surprise, there are some simple steps that will help prevent smelly feet during pregnancy. Pregnancy can trigger smelly feet.

Sweet Feet Step 1 Take a zinc supplement. Zinc deficiencies can cause foot odor for pregnant women.

Lots of guys have stinky, smelly feet. One of the major causes is excessive foot perspiration, which provides a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast.

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Natural ways to cure smelly feet and shoes fast at home

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